Where to begin when learning a new language?

As you know, Speaklikethem.com is a platform to improve language skills, not to start learning a language. Beyond the well-known e-learning sites, there is a site we’ve just discovered for those who want to learn the basics fast and in a fun way: on www.gamesforlanguage.com you’ll dive right into language learning with its effective play-and-learn method.

Why do we like GamesforLanguage? First of all, it’s a smart set of games to feed the learn-by-playing methodology. Maybe we like above all the creativity behind the games. Maybe you’ll start with one of the Quick Games or Tests. And then, when you play one of the courses (currently French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Inglés) you’ll look forward to the next Scene of “The Story” or the next level of the game!

gamesforlangage.com screenshot

But beyond the games, you’ll also discover other surprises. If you surf the site, you’ll soon bump into podcasts, dictionary databases, and blogs with learning tips, travel experiences, or cultural topics. Moreover, GamesForLanguage offers 100% of their services for free, with no up-sell or limited time functionalities!!


Developing one’s own practice path

Obviously, practice is essential for improving your foreign language skills. It is also one of the founding ideas of Speaklikethem. We believe that more and more adults will want to take charge of their own learning progress and success in a self-directed way.

GamesforLanguage users can see their results with the score of each lesson. They can replay the lessons or each game as many times as they need to improve their score or to memorize words, phrases, and expressions. The recording feature lets users record their own voice until they sound more and more like the native speakers.

Speaklikethem and GamesForLanguage share the same values beyond the desire to apply technology to language learning: creating and expanding one’s own training path and the passion for culture beyond the language.


Passion for culture and language exchange

Gamesforlanguage’s founders, Ulrike and Peter Rettig, also enjoy traveling and meeting other people. They practice the languages they want to improve; they plunge into the traditions and the places, and enjoy meeting the people of the country they are visiting. And they report on their learning and travel adventures in their blog posts. Most recently, they related their experience with using language exchanges and tandem language sessions while in Seville, Spain.

In a recent chat we had with them through Speaklikethem, it was clear that we share the belief that enhanced language exchanges will be an effective tool for meeting tandem partners online and improving both partners’ fluency.

So, if you want to start learning or practicing French, German, Italian, Spanish (and Inglés with currently 12 lessons), add Gamesforlanguage.com to your language learning toolbox and when you feel that you’ve reached an intermediate level, SpeakLikeThem has the perfect language partner for you.

Meanwhile, you can meet new friends, chat with them in your native language and speak like them!

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